Banyoles - Besalu - Olot Volcanoes         Day Out 1

Driving directly from Girona to Olot takes 45 minutes.


Walk beside the lake ('Estany'), late breakfast in one of the lakeside cafes. You can swim too if you want.


Walk over the originally Romanesque bridge to the medieval town. There are guided tours of an hour which you'll find easily. 

Have lunch.

Try on the other side of the bridge from the main town.

El Croscat and Santa Margarida Volcanoes (Santa Pau, Olot)

From Olot, head for Santa Pau. Before arriving you will find the Santa Margarida Area Parquing (car park). You can visit both of the volcanoes

from here. It's possible to park a little nearer to el Croscat if it isn't a busy time of year/

week. This is not a summer activity as it gets too hot, although Santa Margarida is shaded most of the walk. 

If it's too hot go to La Moixina, a wetlands area in Olot, for a walk of an hour or less, sit by the stream, have an iced drink in La Moixina restaurant terrace.

Now it'll be time for a cold glass of beer back in Girona