Els Jardins de la Mercé

We arrived here by accident one very hot evening during the Flower Festival, when everything was booked solid. We had cold cava in the garden with friends, then moved to the terrace for supper, when they had a space. It is an extremely pleasant atmosphere and the food is a little quirky, traditional with a twist maybe. I had chicken and 'escamarlans' and it was great. It was a lucky find and i hope they don't change depending on the staff. The house wine was good. In summer we tend to switch to white because they like to chill their red in Catalonia, when there isn't a proper cellar facility. It was called 'Mu' (i'll check!) and we liked it enough to have another bottle. I don't remember any more after that.


We've been back at lunch time and the 'menu' is good, not gourmet, but pleasant surroundings and service will make us return. They even very kindly let us leave some luggage our friends were hauling round, while we walked the Roman Route. The wine was still good too!