Empuries and l'Escala

Olot Wetland Walk - Sant Marti d'Empuries Greek and Roman Ruins - L'Escala                         Day Out 2

Driving to Olot from Girona takes 45 minutes. Driving from Olot to Sant Marti d'Empuries takes 1 hour 10 minutes. It's about the same from Sant Marti to Girona.

Olot Wetland Walk - La Moixina

The short circuit is 45 minutes and the longer one, starting in the Bonavista neighbourhood and circling the Puig Jou volcano takes 2 hours.

If you wanted to walk more you could go to Montsacopa Volcano (Sant Francesc). It takes 10 minutes to get up and 20 minutes to go round the crater. The views are wonderful.

Sant Marti d'Empuries Ruins (Greek and Roman)

Sant Marti is a convenient place to park but you have to pay in season. This is a small medieval village with a good selection of places for lunching outside and a marvellous view of the sea with

palm trees. The ruins of the ancient Greek and Roman settlements are here and if you want to 'do' them properly, you really need a morning for the one and an afternoon for the other, as there is quite a lot of walking. Also you need to enter the museum precinct, so don't park in Sant Marti - better to find the Ruins entrance. 

Follow the signs for 'Ruines d'Empuries', rather than 'Sant Marti d'Empuries'.

However, from Sant Marti you can walk along the seashore, on your left, looking in on the ruins, to your right. Continuing for perhaps half an hour, you arrive in L'Escala.


A good place for an icecream. There are public toilets in the little harbour carpark. Buy anchovies and postcards. Walk back to Sant Marti with the pleasant sea breeze cooling you off and drying your sea-wet feet.