Tamariu, Llafranc and El Far de Sant Sebastià

Llafranc - El Far de San Sebastià walk

It's about 5 kms and uphill. Start at the steps by the port

and follow the road up. Have a good lunch.

Alternatively, drive up, have a good lunch and then walk between Calella annd Llafranc (15 minutes). 

When you get to Sant Sebastià Lighthouse, you are well rewarded with a magnificent view of Calella and Llafranc. There is an 18th century hermitage, the 15th century watch tower, the lighthouse, the Iberian settlement remains and the the Divine Shepherd and Saint Baldiri /Baudilus viewpoints.


A walk, some history and a good lunch..

There is an Ibers tribe archeological site (6th century BC) behind the hotel, showing that they were trading here with Greeks and Romans.


View from El Far de Sant Sebastià

Walking the coastal path between Tamariu and Llafranc takes 3 hours one way