Girona Medieval Walls Walk

These walls are mainly 14th century, dating from 1362 when King Pere III, the Ceremonious, ordered them to be built to include the new neighbourhoods or 'burgs', which had developed around the old nucleus. They cover the right side of the Onyar river. In the 17th century Vauban-designed fortifications were added to the wall. 

You might

start in Plaça de Sant Feliu

/Felix. Looking over from the bridge, on your left you can see some houses running parallel to the river. Find

Carrer de la Barca

, where the open arch is. This was the gate from where the boat to Sant Gregori left. It was built on the old wall between 1367 and 1380. The Sunset jazz club is just here, by the way, for future reference.... 

Anyway, i digress. Like detectives, you now have to find the so-called

França Gate


of which nothing is left but i'll give you a clue - walk to

Plaça de Sant Pere

, then continue along the road going towards Pedret and away from Girona (you'll know you're right when you reach a railway bridge - at this point you've come too far. If you turn round, on the left you will see clearly the wall extending off to your left and some steps up. This is where you're headed and the França Gate used to span over the middle of what is now the road, more or less where the zebra crossing is. It was one of the main entrances to the city in the middle ages. 

Once up on the wall, the views are magnificent, extending to the distance mountains with the Devesa wood in front and the rest of the old town in the foreground. You look down first on the

Jardins de l'Angel

(you can go down and wander around them) and eventually on more gardens, the

John Lennon Gardens

(again you can wander around here and rejoin the wall to continue). 

 quite a while dawdling and taking photos, you'll come out at

Sant Pere Galligants Romanesque church

on the Sant Daniel Valley road, and from here you are in spitting distance of a couple of cafes for a breather...Because it continues.... 

Cross the river from the church and follow the 'Archeological Walk', where you will almost certainly be tempted down other paths. 

However, to complete the medieval wall circuit, things get complicated.This photo shows an unrecognisable fortified Sant Pere Galligants church, made into part of the defensive wall. 

After a break then, i suggest starting at

Sobreportes Gate

, on the outside looking in as it were, to the Cathedral square, and following the wall to your left (away from Sant Feliu/Felix Church). This is originally roman but has the reinforced medieval wall and towers on top. Follow then the

Passeig Archeologic

to its' end, hopefully arriving at Plaça Catalunya. You might have to start from

Plaça Catalunya

to do this part of the wall because it has been known for the gate at the highest point of the wall (near Torre Gironella), to be locked, so everyone has to traipse back down again in single file! It's a bit of true local experience however!