A walk round Banyoles Lake.

Combine with a walk round the town and maybe lunch in El Ranxo as was, now Can Xabanet.


Distance: 6.8 km    Duration: 1 h 30 min 

Get the bus to Banyoles from Girona bus station, a 2 minute walk from Gironalet Apartment. It takes about 25 minutes.

Itinerary around Banyoles Lake that visits a number of places of interest such as Can Morgat woods, 

Coromina and La Draga Parks, Nou and El Vilar pools, and the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa 

Maria de Porqueres. 

The best way to do the round tour of the lake is to leave the car and walk a while. The starting point could be the swimming club at Banyoles at the side of La Draga park, where you are able to park the car. You leave behind the swimming club facilities and walk north. The road is delightful and runs just a few metres from the waterside, amidst a variety of trees and plants: the old plane trees of La Draga, the lakeside trees, the marshland reeds and the holm oak and live oak wood of Can Morgat. 

By now you are already on the west side of the lake and come out of Can Morgat wood to take the bypass 

road for a few hundred metres. Before you come to Riera Castellana, you can observe the Nou pool to the 

right, which was created just a few years ago by a cave-in of earth. Further on there is another pool which 

is famous because from time to time it takes on a violet colour. At the same point in the road but over to the left, there is a wooden platform which serves as a viewpoint over the lake. 

You return to the main road. After a long straight stretch, you leave the road and go to the left where you 

will find the spring of el Rector in the Coromina park. Immediately afterwards, you pass below the church of 

Santa Maria de Porqueres, a Romanesque jewel, and which you get to by going up a track on the right hand 

side and a little further on. The track now goes back into a wooded area in which you can go onto another 

wooden platform in order to get close to the lake and then return to the path between the lake and El Vilar 

pool. You now enter Els Desmais area -the water sprites' ballroom-and the spring of la Filosa. The track 

leaves you at the so-called Front de l'Estany, an area of bars, fishing jetties, restaurants and chalets, where 

you will also find the original tourist office inside a fishing boat. End of the walk. 

Taken from the Palau Robert Routes website