Scooters for the day - Casademont

On the coast, anything is possible, but organising a surprise outing on a scooter from Olot, was almost impossible. Casademont solved the problem and we were able to have the bike delivered to our front door and collected the next day, without any hassle and the absolute minimum of fuss. It was a pleasure dealing with them and it occurred to me that it's a nice way to get around Girona or to the coast if you so wished.

We had the more modern version as we expected to explore the medieval villages and Romanesque churches around Banyoles and do a bit of mileage. We were provided with 2 helmets and there is a deposit to pay normally. 

A word of warning: instructions on how to get on, are not given. Being more used to horses, i advise you not to load 50 kilos onto the back pedal, thus crushing unsuspecting husband underneath said bike, before even setting off.