Favourite Girona Restaurants - no particlar order

Chain restaurant.

Best salads in town imo, 

great crêpes, large servings,

informal, friendly, cheap, 

romantic grungy decor

Beautiful garden and terrace tables at the back. Reasonable food and price, good house wine, informal, friendly, great for Summer especially. Also nice just ofr a drink. We demolished a bottle of Cava around a pretty garden table, while waiting quite a while for our table...hard life

Specialities are suckling pig and Burgos lamb. Between 6 we ordered 4 suckling pig...started with marvellous tuna salad. Not cheap, but a great experience of eating 'a la grande' and it's a 20 minute stroll from the apartment. Full menu is on the website. Historic place - if booking (advisable), ask for interior room table for preference.

Closed Monday

Great food and atmosphere. Full menu or tapas. Informal, friendly, not cheap. Slow service probably because everything cooked to order but if you're not going anywhere soon, enjoy. Special.

Great bar with lots of different beers to try. Nice inside in winter, outside in Summer for people-watching. In the Sant Feliu/Felix Church square, convenient for kissing the 'Lion's Bottom'!

Haven't been for a while. They used to do targines, which were fabulous. If they're not doing them anymore, i wouldn't bother, though the terrace underneath the Cathedral is the best place to be on a Summer's evening as there's a breeze blowing down the steps..


Attractive bar, been there forever, grungy/hippy with Spanish and Moroccan floor and wall tiles. Lots of canoodling corners, lots of noise, quite a young set nowadays! Looks out onto the river at the back. no terrace.

An institution. Best for coffee or lunch. The 'rustic pizzas' don't do it for me (bread with a topping) but the place itself is gorgeous elegant rustic and it's comfortable for eating alone too. 

The one to go to (book i think) when you walk to Sant Daniel. Great for a coffee outside too. Near the monastery. Attractive, friendly, not cheap.

Girona-based fast food joints all over town, the original and best one being in Jaume I (our standby before early evening cinema session). The worst is unfortunately near the apartment in c/ Mig Dia. Rude, slow, robotic service upstairs, quite aggressively deliberately misunderstand you downstairs, in my experience, never to be repeated. Most appealing is the one in Plaça Independencia and the one in the Sant Feliu Church square. Noisy, family oriented, cheap and cheerful. The hotdogs are the best thing on the menu.

Pasta chain. Family pasta night, cheap, cheerful and nice setting in Plaça Independencia, sitting outside.

They do takeaway.