Saratoga - near the apartment

It was 2 o'clock so we had to wait for a table for a few minutes, but nothing like the wait for those arriving after us! This is not a tourist trap, partly because it is a few minutes from the old town, very near the apartment in fact. It's clocking off time for office workers so they come in two by two and four by four. The week day 'menu' is 12,50€ for 3 courses. Between my friend and i we managed to polish off one very tasty fresh cheese and smoked salmon salad, one 'escalivada' mousse, one 'paella' and one 'rostit' of chicken and sausage. Ice cream. The service is very pleasant and efficient and consistently good, we have been various times and the premises are clean,  modern and pleasant. 
There are some photos on the website below.