Cafes, coffee shops, bars and terraces (starter list)

pretty ones:

la Nata (the local police seem to like this one, an institution, in the sense of having been there forever and attractive, nearby)

La Terra (an institution, a must for a late night drink)

El Bistrot (an institution, a must full-stop)

Cafe L’Arc (view of Cathedral steps)

la Boira (an institution, early evening tapas)

the one in La Devesa wood, but not for the service…

The River - good beer and atmosphere

Cafe del Parc (c/ migdia), if you happen to be around there

not pretty, but good food or useful:

Bescuit (churros!, lunch (local authentic, as opposed to fine dining)

Carlemany hotel (aircon, space, peace and quiet (everything in life being relative), wifi, terrace, nearby)

Saratoga (nearby, lunch)

Angelus (he one on the corner under the apartment, is very popular)

la Piadina (definitely not pretty but sometimes the only one open, nearby, can watch the football, cheap and cheerful for a quick beer and excellent fried rice!)

not saying they all have good service or nice manners but they are all authentic local places. There are many more, and lots near the flat, especially along and around C/ Migdia - you will find your favourite!